Origin of Word: Sanskrit

Word Structure: Megh + Alaya

Megh = Cloud

Alaya = Abode

Translation: Abode of the Cloud

Next stop was Meghalaya, a small hilly state in India surrounded by Assam and Bangladesh. An oddity among the states of India, 70% of the population is Christian (A statistics shared with Mizoram and Nagaland). Its capital is a hill station called Shillong. Cherapunji is located in this state. Cherapunji is rainiest place on the planet and receives 463.7 inches of rainfall every year. I visited this odd little corner in the Indian Sub-Continent. The main ethnic group of Meghalaya is the Khasi, a matriarchal group where people adopt the surname of their mother. And they are mostly Christians. In a country where Hinduism is the majority, Meghalaya has a Hindu minority (13%).

The Hills of Cherapunji

The Streets of Shillong

A small settlement on the Highway in Meghalaya

The Hills of Meghalaya

Sleeping by the Clouds

A View of the Nohkalikai Falls

Tourist Looking around in Cherapunji

An Old Man Observing Boropani, a Man Made Lake

Boropani Again

A Man in Shillong