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Two kilometers from Belbari is Betana Wetland Conservation Project, a serene wetland and a laudable conservation project in addition to being a popular picnic spot. A praiseworthy effort, this place kills your stress like the way Navy SEAL killed Osama Bin Laden, and will energize you to run like a DuraCell bunny to oblivion. Maybe I am indulging in exoticism, but in kalyug when we are neck deep in ocean of feces, maybe we need places like this to remind us of our umbilical relationship with nature. Maybe if we stop ticking off Nature Mata then we can avoid 2012.

Betana Lake

Boats in the Betana Lake


Right in the neighborhood of Betana is an old Kirati cemetery that nobody seems to notice or care about. The Kirati people (Kirat is a collective term for the Tibetan origin ethnic groups in eastern Nepal like Rai, Limbu, Lepcha, Dhimal etc) bury their dead and they put large tombstones with inscriptions.

An Old Tombstone

A Collection of Tombstones

Tombstone Inscription in the Limbu Script

A Mordern Tombstone

On the other side of the road, there is a camp of tea stands loaded with junk food and cigarettes.

Tea Stands

Inside a Tea Stand


Huge Tree nearby the Tea Stands

More pictures of the balconies of Dhankuta.

A Gumba in Hile with Tibetan Style Balcony

Tin Strikes Back