The Taleju Temple is a large temple in the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square.  The temple is an oddity among temples in Nepal as it opens its doors to the public only once a year, on Maha Navami during Navarati.   During that day, thousands of people stay in line for several hours to have a glimpse of this elegant yet inaccessible temple.

The Taleju Temple was built in 1564 and was dedicated to Taleju, a Newari variant of Goddess Durga.  The compound of the temple consists of the main temple and twelve other mini-temples around temple.  The only other entrance to the temple is through the Hanuman Dhoka complex, or the historical palace of the Malla Kings, which is also closed to the public.

The Taleju Temple

A Portion of the Long Line outside Taleju Temple; People Readily Stand in Line for Long Hours to have a Glimpse of the Taleju Temple

Devotees Encircling the Temple

Another Portion of the Long Line of Devotees

Another Portion of the Serpentine Line which Crawls Through Various Alleys as there is not Enough Space in the Durbar Square