On the banks of the Yamuna River at Vrindavan, old, dilapidated pieces of history stand today at the three Ghats, or a series of steps leading to the water level of a river, which are namely Arati Ghat, Akura Ghat, and the famous Kesi Ghat.  This Ghat is famous throughout India as it is believed to be the place around which Lord Krishna spent his childhood.

Small Boats wait for a Repair job on the North bank of Yamuna river at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Pedestrian Bridge under-construction over the Yamuna Bridge near Kesi Ghat

Pannas and Sadhus congregate at Kesi Ghat

A Medevial Building on Akura Ghat

An Archway at Akura Ghat

A Sadhu Rests underneath an Arch at Kesi Ghat

Another Sadhu Walks towards Kesi Ghat from Akura Ghat

Kesi Ghat with the Famous Kadam Tree on the Background

A Push Cart Stands besides a Small Resting House at Kesi Ghat

Rhesus Monkeys Enjoying Bananas Offered by Pilgrims at Akura Ghat

A Watch Tower that Looks Out at the Yamuna River at Kesi Ghat